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Building SOM

Building SOM

The process of building a sea pillar of the notification of the project "SOM" (photo)

Building the yacht KA80

Building KA80

The process of building an expeditionary sailing-motor yacht of ocean class according to the KA80 project, the construction is currently taking place in Egypt (photo, video)

Building the yacht KA47

Building KA47

The process of building a cruise boat KA47 (photo)

Building KA70

Building KA70/KA70M

The process of building expeditionary sailing motor yachts of ocean class KA70 / KA70M (photo)

Project KA70

The stages of yacht building are as follows:

  • Metal preparation, which consists of rolling the sheets on rollers to relieve stress, sandblasting the sheets to a matte white metal, painting with Hempel shopprimer for trouble-free welding.
  • Manufacturing of hull elements. In this case, computer files are used for cutting the frames, which makes it possible to do without plazovy works.
  • Installation of the set on the slipway in the keel up position. Practice has shown that this position of the hull is more convenient for assembling and welding the hull.
  • Installation of side and bottom sheathing sheets, which unfold into a plane.
Project SOM
  • Then the assembly of a cylindrical insert of constant radius between the sides and the bottom. The use of a "circular cheekbone" of constant radius and a longitudinal set system with "hanging stringers" allows to obtain a smooth surface of the hull, which practically does not require putty.
  • Turning the hull over and installing it on the keel blocks.
  • Keel construction and ballast placement.
  • Manufacturing of steering device parts (baller, rudder blade, fairing bracket).
  • Cleaning and painting the hull with epoxy primers and paints according to the Hempel scheme, which provides protection of the hull in seawater for more than 10 years.
  • The hull is ready. Next comes the completion of the megayacht and the installation of mechanisms and equipment.